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Posts tagged "Sexual Harassment"

White Plains officer sues for harassment and discrimination

A woman has filed a sexual harassment and employment discrimination lawsuit against the City of White Plains, New York, and its police department. The woman works as a police officer for the city. She says that she has been subjected to egregious sexual harassment from supervisors and also suffered discrimination while in the force, due to her race or national origin.

More victims coming forward in West Coast sex harassment case

New York seems to have its share of scandals, including sex scandals involving politicians. However, a West Coast sexual harassment problem that is allegedly plaguing the San Diego mayor’s office is garnering many national headlines.

Transgender woman settles workplace harassment lawsuit

A government contractor along the East Coast has settled an employment discrimination lawsuit that was brought on behalf of a transgender woman. The woman had filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which found in 2012 that reasonable cause exists that the company violated federal civil rights laws that prohibit sex discrimination in the workplace.

Spa worker sues for sexual harassment over Brazilian wax training

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination. Workers are entitled to be free from harassment in the workplace, and laws also prohibit employers from making adverse employment decisions against a person for raising a sexual harassment complaint. Harassment may involve different forms of conduct ranging from repeated offensive comments about a person’s sex to other verbal and physical harassment of a sexual nature.

Church in Whitestone, New York settles sexual harassment lawsuit

A Whitestone, New York Episcopal church has agreed to settle a sex harassment and retaliation lawsuit without taking the case to trial. Early settlement negotiations and conciliation efforts failed to result in settlement. However, officials have announced that the case has now settled for six figures in damages and other relief.

Appellate court revives New York sexual harassment lawsuit

An appellate court chambered in Manhattan has revived a sexual harassment lawsuit against a brokerage firm. A New Jersey woman claimed that management at the firm ran the financial services company like it is some type of boy’s club. The company countered that the woman did not perform her job well during her time with the firm. The company argued that the woman was fired based upon her performance.