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Payment for time spent asleep or on-call

Workers in New York are sometimes entitled to receive payment from their employer for time that is not actually spent working. Whether or not an employee receives payment for downtime will depend on the type of job that they do and how long their shifts last.

LinkedIn to pay damages and compensation for unpaid wages

Some current and former employees of LinkedIn will be receiving a payout from the company for unpaid wages and damages. LinkedIn is going to pay almost $6 million to employees spread across four states, including New York, California, Illinois and Nebraska. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, LinkedIn's illegal employment activity affected 359 employees. The payments that will be made to these employees include $3.35 million in overtime back wages and $2.51 million in damages.

New Yorkers among those suing McDonald's over wage and hour laws

Fast-food workers in three states, including New York, are joining together in a string of class-action lawsuits to fight for fair pay. Seven lawsuits have been filed in the three states alleging that McDonald’s Corporation has been using a variety of unlawful techniques to avoid paying workers what is due under state and federal laws. In five of the class-action wage-and-pay lawsuits, individual franchisees that operate the fast-food restaurants are also named as defendants.

Former Hyatt Regency security guard sues for wage-hour issue

Federal law provides wage and hour protections for many workers in the United States. Minimum wage laws at the federal and state levels are important protections for working people in New York. Unfortunately, a story comes along from time-to-time that alleges that a business has tried to skirt the protections of state or federal law.

Unfair pay and wage-and-hour disputes on the rise

Some commentators say that a lack of enforcement of wage-and-hour laws from the Department of Labor over the past 20 years has led to a huge increase in wage-and-hour lawsuits in the nation’s courtrooms. Workers have been denied fair pay under current laws. Analysts have noted a spike in such pay disputes in the past decade and a 432 percent increase in the number of unfair pay lawsuits in the past twenty years.