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Ways employment discrimination can be subtle

Some workers in New York might be aware of employment discrimination on grounds such as race, sex and nationality. However, they might not realize they could be discriminated against in other ways as well. For example, a part-time employee might be regarded by full-time employees as being less dedicated.

Employees might also face discrimination as a result of their family responsibilities. This type of discrimination may include employees being denied family leave to care for children or elderly family members. Pregnancy may also lead to discrimination.

Gender discrimination may not always be obvious when it occurs. It does not always take the blatant form of women being obviously discriminated against in the workplace or facing sexual harassment. Instead, women may face the subtle discrimination of not being promoted because they are perceived as too emotional or are expected to take on tasks such as ordering lunches or planning office parties that are seen as female-oriented. Men might face gender discrimination as well. For example, they might be denied secretarial positions because they are seen as a woman's job.

Employment discrimination may take many forms. An employee might want to discuss the workplace situation with a friend who is not a coworker or an attorney to decide how to proceed.

Proving that discrimination occurred can be difficult as well as demonstrating that a person belongs to a protected class. Therefore, some people may choose to speak to an attorney first in order to understand their rights even if they are planning to try to discuss the situation with a supervisor. Employees who have been fired and are pursuing legal action might want to consider whether they want compensation or their jobs back.

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