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How older job seekers combat age discrimination

Many companies in New York engage in subtle or overt age discrimination. When an employer assumes that older workers have less energy and motivation than younger workers, these assumptions can result in unfair hiring practices. Older workers are often turned down for jobs because employers believe that they are nearing retirement and in poor health.

A study by AARP found that 64 percent of older workers have experienced workplace age discrimination in some form. After analyzing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, AARP also found that job seekers who are over the age of 55 spend about five more months looking for work than younger job seekers. After such a long period of unemployment, older job seekers may be forced to settle for positions that pay them less than what they were making before.

Faced with age discrimination, some older job seekers decide to start their own businesses rather go to interviews. Others use strategies like updating their wardrobe and social media photos to project a modern image that can compete with younger workers. Older workers may also have a lot of advantages that younger workers don't have, such as a larger network of contacts and more skills and experience. Leveraging these advantages can help an older worker to land a new job.

An older job seeker who was discriminated against because of their age can file an employment discrimination claim if they have enough evidence. An attorney may be able to help an individual investigate the charge and determine if the employer has a pattern of discriminating against older workers. A worker may have a stronger case against an employer that has a long history of discriminatory employment practices.

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