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Companies can get sued for EEOC violations

New York companies that fail to adhere to federal employment laws and regulations could be sued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of the employees who have been discriminated against. In addition to providing workers with legal representation following discrimination incidents, the EEOC also investigates a dozen different kinds of discriminatory behavior.

Employers are solely responsible for creating discrimination-free workplaces. This includes obligations such as implementing mandatory training to teach employees how to report discrimination incidents, writing anti-discrimination policies and making such policies easily visible. In service industry businesses like restaurants, managers and bosses need to foster cultures that draw clear lines between acceptable workplace behaviors, like inoffensively joking around, and outright harassment that targets people based on their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or other protected classes.

Employers also have to avoid taking certain actions that might constitute forms of illegal discrimination. For instance, they're not allowed to ask certain questions during hiring interviews, such as whether candidates have disabilities, how old they are or whether they have children. They also need to document all of the steps they've taken to prevent discrimination, including making records of worker complaints, EEOC training efforts and disciplinary actions against individuals who violated policies.

Modern workplace discrimination can take many different forms, and it has major effects on victims. People who get harassed at work have difficulty concentrating and advancing their careers, and they may experience significant stress as a result. Although some companies are good at responding to these incidents appropriately, others fall short or even retaliate against workers who report wrongdoing. Job discrimination victims should always start by going through the procedures and mechanisms that their employers provide, but when these methods fail, having the assistance of an attorney may make it easier to file a formal EEOC complaint.

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