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September 2016 Archives

Homophobia and startup culture

A nationwidestudy by nonprofit group StartOut, which has an office in New York City, looks at discrimination against LGBTQ entrepreneurs. One of the main findings was that 28 states allow workers to be fired simply for being a part of that community. This has caused members of the LGBTQ community to move out of states that have what could be seen as anti-gay policies.

Woman loses job offer when she refuses to change hairstyle

New York workers might face discrimination in a number of ways based on their gender, age, religion or race. A recent ruling from the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, however, shows that proving a discrimination case can be difficult. A unanimous decision from the three-judge panel rejected the claim that the company discriminated against the woman on the basis of race when her job offer was contingent upon cutting off her dreadlocks.

How age discrimination may impact workers

In August 2016, the jobless rate for workers age 55 or older was 3.5 percent. However, that figure may not represent reality for millions of older people who are seeking full-time work. When part-time workers who are seeking full-time work or the unemployed who have given up on finding a job are included, the real unemployment figure for older workers is 8.7 percent. This is according to Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis at the New School in New York City.

Legal protections for an employee who cares for a disabled person

Workers in New York may have heard about workplace discrimination regarding age, gender, race or religion. However, there is also associational disability discrimination that is addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act. This type of discrimination applies to a person denied employee rights because they must care for a disabled family member.

Terminating an employee who is on maternity leave

The days and weeks after the birth of a child are unlike any other. It is an important time for mom to bond with baby, and for her to enjoy the newest miracle in her life. It is also a time in which mom's body is run-down and sleep seems like a luxury. These, and many other factors, make returning to work immediately a less than ideal option for many mothers.