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May 2016 Archives

Sexual harassment of New York doctors

According to a study published in JAMA, 30 percent of female doctors said that they were victims of sexual harassment. Only 4 percent of men said that they had dealt with unwanted sexual advances or other forms of harassment. The study looked at 1,066 physicians who had received a career development award from the National Institute of Health.

Age discrimination not present in baseball management

It is well-known that finding a job after a certain age can be difficult. Many people realize the significant benefits of working during their later years in life, with one study showing that people who work after age 65 are more likely to live longer than people who retire. The New York Mets and other baseball teams help show why employing older workers can be a very good thing.

Title VII and transgender workplace discrimination

New York employers should be aware that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has stated that workplace discrimination that is based on a person's gender status violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The agency also said that state laws that are in opposition, such as those passed in North Carolina and Mississippi, cannot be used a defense to claims that are made under Title VII.

Sexual harassment policies may be counterproductive

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Missouri indicates that how employees interpret sexual harassment policies could be counterproductive. This may be surprising for New York workers and employers because nearly every organization has one of these policies and many of them offer training to prevent harassment.