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February 2015 Archives

Discrimination against the disabled in the workplace

As New York workers may know, federal law protects employees from harassment and discrimination in the workplace. The term disability has multiple meanings and includes individuals whose activities are limited due to a mental or physical disability. Individuals who have had a disabling illness in the past, which is under control, may be considered disabled. Someone with a type of disability that lasts for six months or longer may claim disability status. Employers are unable to discriminate against the disabled.

Payment for time spent asleep or on-call

Workers in New York are sometimes entitled to receive payment from their employer for time that is not actually spent working. Whether or not an employee receives payment for downtime will depend on the type of job that they do and how long their shifts last.

Employment law and being paid overtime

As New York employees may know, employers are obligated to pay overtime when an excess of 40 hours per week is worked. Violating employee overtime regulations may cause problems for both the employee and employer. From 2008 to 2011, the number of lawsuits concerning failure to pay overtime grew by 32 percent. Employees may benefit from being alert to the ways used to avoid overtime pay.

Judge orders Papa John's franchisee to compensate employees

A Papa John's franchisee was ordered to pay workers nearly $800,000 for unpaid wages and other damages by a New York judge. The franchisee, Emstar Pizza Inc., owns and operates seven Papa John's restaurants in Queens and Brooklyn. According to the state's attorney general, the multi-unit franchisee rounded employee's hours down to the nearest whole hour before paying them and failed to pay them overtime in violation of state law.