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September 2014 Archives

Understanding the filing process for a discrimination claim

Under federal laws and state statutes in New York, individuals are protected from discrimination. This means that any person who is treated different due to a number of factors, including race, religion, political affiliation or gender, may have legal recourse. It is also illegal for an employer to not hire or promote a person and for a state agency to delay or fail to offer a person services because they have filed a discrimination complaint of have become involved in a lawsuit.

Former Mets executive claims gender discrimination after firing

A woman who formerly served as a senior vice president for the New York Mets has filed a lawsuit against the organization, alleging that she had been the target of discriminatory practices due to the fact that she was unwed and pregnant. A reported dispute arose between the woman and Jeff Wilpon, Mets COO and son of the team's owner, after she announced her pregnancy to fellow executives with the baseball team. She indicates that the difficulties continued even after her return from maternity leave in June, and she was reportedly fired in August.

Filing a New York workplace discrimination claim

Discrimination in the workplace can present itself in many different ways. If an employer denies a person a job or promotion or fires an employee based on one of the protected statuses, that person may be able to file a discrimination claim. Protected statuses in New York include race, gender, age, disability, religious or political affiliation, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, genetic predisposition or carrier status, arrest and conviction record and veteran status. The law also prohibits retaliation by the employer after an employee files a claim.

Wage theft from workers leads to disputes across the country

New York workers may be interested in an article about recent wage disputes in the U.S. According to reports, a number of lawsuits have alleged that employees are not being properly paid for hours that they are working.