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March 2014 Archives

Manager fired for investigating harassment settles lawsuit

We have chronicled a variety of stories involving egregious conduct in workplaces in New York and other areas of the country that involve the sexual harassment of a worker. State and federal laws prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace. The laws also allow a victim of harassment to seek to hold a company accountable if the business knows of a hostile work environment and fails to properly investigate and take appropriate action to eliminate the behavior.

New Yorkers among those suing McDonald's over wage and hour laws

Fast-food workers in three states, including New York, are joining together in a string of class-action lawsuits to fight for fair pay. Seven lawsuits have been filed in the three states alleging that McDonald’s Corporation has been using a variety of unlawful techniques to avoid paying workers what is due under state and federal laws. In five of the class-action wage-and-pay lawsuits, individual franchisees that operate the fast-food restaurants are also named as defendants.

Former NYPD diver sues for racial harassment

The New York Police Department has 29 divers who are dispatched to search for submerged victims of accident, search for evidence in criminal investigations that may have been discarded underwater and similar duties. A man who joined the police force after working as a life guard in his younger years sought to join the scuba unit in 2003. The man’s penchant for physical fitness, his swimming abilities and work with the police force seemed to dovetail nicely for his desire to join the scuba team.

New York woman sues Starbucks for sexual harassment

A 23-year-old woman says that she was subjected to a hostile work environment a t a New York Starbucks location and is seeking justice in civil court. The woman landed a job at a Union Square Starbucks last August. She says that it did not even take a full week for a supervisor to begin to unprofessionally pursue her.