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Woman claims she was dismissed for finding errors with policy

In New York, finding a great job is a goal of most people. That's why when a wrongful termination case comes up, it can bring about a lot of tension and anger. When you're doing your job and are fired for questioning a policy or procedure, you may be able to take legal action against your workplace like this woman did in this recent news story. According to the news from Nov. 15, a woman is claiming that she was fired from her job at Goldman Sachs because she found a problem with the conflict of interest policies.

According to the woman, she was assigned to examine aspects of Goldman Sachs in Nov. 2011 by the New York Fed. She stated that she was fired seven months later after she found a fault with their policies. Now, the New York Fed placed a motion to have the lawsuit dismissed. According to them, the woman is a whistleblower and claims that what happened was a non-actionable disagreement between an employee and her senior colleagues over how she should interpret a Federal Reserve policy.

According to the woman, she was asked to see if Goldman Sachs had a firm-wide conflict of interest policy, and she did not believe it did. Because of this, the company was allegedly not compliant with Fed guidance. Many agreed with her assessment, according to the article, but the Fed's senior official at Goldman did not. According to the woman, the senior and his deputy tried to get her to change her findings, but when she wouldn't, she was fired. According to the senior officer, he had lost confidence in her ability to not jump to conclusions and to follow directions. The woman's lawsuit cites that she is allowed to sue for wrongful termination if she was fired for providing information regarding the violation of a law.

Source:, "N.Y. Fed Asks Court to Dismiss Fired Goldman Examiner's Lawsuit" Jake Bernstein, Nov. 15, 2013

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