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October 2013 Archives

Clinic settles lawsuit with receptionist harassed by patient

Most people in New York may be aware that federal and state laws prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace. But, fewer may be aware that employers who learn of the sexual harassment of a third-party that impacts a worker on the job have a duty to prevent a continuation of the unlawful conduct. A person should not have to endure egregious harassing conduct of a customer or other invitee of the business.

Lady Gaga settles overtime dispute with former personal assistant

A former personal assistant for pop star Lady Gaga has settled a wage-and-hour dispute out of court with the entertainer. The case was poised for trial in early November in Manhattan. Court papers filed on Monday indicate that a settlement has been reached to resolve the dispute.

Appellate court reinstates former Chevron worker's FMLA claim

A divorce and child custody issue caused a man a great deal of stress in 2008 and 2009. The man worked for Chevron, and after losing some focus at work, he sought to take medical leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act to address his stress. He had learned that the FMLA covers life changing family issues. And when his wife moved out of state with his 5-year-old son, he thought about taking the leave.

Former Hyatt Regency security guard sues for wage-hour issue

Federal law provides wage and hour protections for many workers in the United States. Minimum wage laws at the federal and state levels are important protections for working people in New York. Unfortunately, a story comes along from time-to-time that alleges that a business has tried to skirt the protections of state or federal law.

Family restaurant in New York settles sexual harassment lawsuit

An upstate New York restaurant has agreed to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit brought on behalf of seven women who say that they were subjected to harassment in the workplace for roughly seven years. The restaurant was sold in September 2012, and the new owners were added to the case after purchasing the establishment.