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Since 1979, Richard V. Rappaport and Associates has been focused on successfully resolving employment law cases related to, discrimination, termination, severance, sexual harassment, wage and hour disputes, whistleblower actions and many other areas of representation.

Long Island Employment Law Attorney Richard V. Rappaport Represents Clients Throughout New York and Along the North Shore

We have established a solid reputation as legal advocates in employment and labor law matters, and we carefully study the facts in every case before determining our course of action. Whenever possible, we use our skillful negotiation, mediation, arbitration and collective bargaining techniques to resolve our clients' cases. Sometimes aggressive litigation can be the only way to obtain the best possible outcome. Mr. Rappaport has extensive experience litigating cases in state and federal courts and various administrative agencies. He has successfully argued before the New York State Court of Appeals, and the decision in one of his cases resulted in a change to the state law which is still in effect today.

During each free telephone consultation, Mr. Rappaport listens carefully to ensure he understands the circumstances. Then he provides information that can be crucial when making fully informed decisions about important next steps.

We provide this service because we believe that every person should have the ability to understand his or her legal rights. A free telephone consultation will begin the process to resolving your labor and employment issues.

Many employment and labor law cases are very complex. Please contact us to arrange a consultation with Nassau County labor law attorney Richard V. Rappaport. We can evaluate your circumstances to determine whether an employment law violation has occurred, explain your legal rights and discuss your options.